Religion-Affiliated Counseling Services

The Developmental and Behavioral Services Resource Guide is solely intended to provide information to patients and their families about public and private agency resources which serve the needs of children with developmental and behavioral issues.  The Guide should not be considered an endorsement of any program or service.  Patients and their families are advised to carefully consider such resources in consultation with their personal physician.


Jewish Family Services of Charlotte

Executive Director:  Howard Olshansky

Address:  5007 Providence Road, Suite 105 • Charlotte, NC  28226

Phone:  (704) 364-6594     Fax:  (704)  364-6596


Comments:  Children can suffer from the stresses of life even when they do not verbally express the problem.  When faced with loss, depression or anger, some children demonstrate behavior changes, others withdraw.  Professional licensed clinicians, trained to meet the specific needs of children and adolescents, provide therapy, consultation, classes, workshops and support for infants, children, teens, parents and educators.