Speech and Hearing Services

Speech and Hearing Services

The Developmental and Behavioral Services Resource Guide is solely intended to provide information to patients and their families about public and private agency resources which serve the needs of children with developmental and behavioral issues. The Guide should not be considered an endorsement of any program or service. Patients and their families are advised to carefully consider such resources in consultation with their personal physician.

Achieve Therapy Services
Address: 2301 Crown Point Executive Drive, Suite E • Charlotte, NC 28227
Phone: (704) 708-8314 Fax: (704) 708-8315
Sliding Scale: No Medicaid: Yes Insurance: Yes

Comments: Provide speech-language evaluation and treatment, occupational therapy and evaluations, social skills groups, ABA services.

Avenue Home Care
Address: 1230 W. Morehead Street, Suite 110 • Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 971-2800 Fax: (704) 527-6616
Sliding Scale: No Medicaid: Yes Insurance: Yes

Comments: Provide pediatric rehabilitation and therapy services including PT, OT, and respite care.

Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center, Inc.
Address: 741 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 100 • Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 523-8027 Fax: (704) 523-8031
Web site: charlottespeechhearing.com
Sliding Scale: Yes Medicaid: Yes Insurance: Yes

Comments: At CSHC we provide access to superior speech-language and hearing services that transform lives. As a non-profit practice that has served the local community since 1967, you can be confident we have your best interests at heart. Our speech-language services are family-centered and offer clients a highly individualized and holistic approach that ensures the best experience and outcome. We're proud to have a team of talented and dedicated therapists with a wide variety of skill sets that can meet your family's needs. Our hearing department promises to give you optimized care led by our board-certified Doctor of Audiology, as well as access to the latest advances in technology. Our FREEdom program and the highly discounted pricing offered by our Hearing Services Bank ensure that we will find a hearing solution that works for your lifestyle and budget.

Child and Family Development
Midtown Address: 4012 Park Road, Suite 200 • Charlotte NC 28209
Phone: (704) 332-4834 Fax: (704) 372-9653
South Charlotte Address: 10516 Park Road • Charlotte NC 28210
(704) 541-9080 Fax: (704) 542- 0699
Website: www.childandfamilydevelopment.com
Sliding Scale: No Medicaid: Yes (speech therapist only) Insurance: Yes

Comments: Since 1980, their team of more than 30 therapists has helped Charlotte-area families. Multi-disciplinary services: occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, as well as educational assessment and tutoring and psychological assessment and counseling. Specialties: ASD Clinic, ADHD Clinic, child psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, social skills programs. Offices near Park Road Shopping Center and CMC-Pineville. Accept and file private pay, in-network (Aetna, BCBS) and out-of-network benefits.

Easter Seals UCP North Carolina
Address: 8430 Medical Plaza Drive, Suite 100 • Charlotte, NC 28262
Phone: (704) 566-6040
Website: www.nc.eastersealsucp.com
Sliding Scale: Yes Medicaid: Yes Insurance: Yes

Comments: Provide a wide variety of services for patients - birth through adult. Services include group homes I and II, respite, personal care, day care center, OT, PT, ST, residential placement, developmental services.

Journey to Wellness
Professionals: David Litman, MSW, LCSW; Teri Layzell, MSW, LCSW; Julianne Gold Brunson, PhD
Contact Person: Teri Layzell
Address: 8801 J. M. Keynes Drive, Suite 405 • Charlotte, NC 28262
Phone: (704) 926-5030 Fax: (704) 927-0482
Web Site: www.journeymh.com
Sliding Scale: Yes Medicaid: Yes Insurance: Yes

Comments: Outpatient mental health therapy, consultation, advocacy and education. Services are available for all ages. They serve individuals and families impacted by hearing loss. Their work is culturally competent and sensitive. Their staff is fluent in American Sign Language.

Novant Health Rehabilitation Center
Address: 125 Baldwin Avenue, Suite 100 • Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 316-1900