MCMS Committees

MCMS Committees

Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee
Keeps MCMS governing documents updated and in conformity with the Society’s current needs and activities.

Child Health Committee
Directs Medical Society activities regarding the health of children in Mecklenburg County.

Community Medical Preparedness Ad Hoc Committee
Works with various disaster planning agencies to ensure that medical rescue and ambulance services meet community needs,
and addresses issues of bioterrorism preparedness.

David G. Welton, MD Society Committee
Plans bi-annual luncheons for MCMS Emeritus members.

Editorial Board
Reviews and approves all articles published in Mecklenburg Medicine, the MCMS magazine published ten times per year.

Elections Committee
Recommends nominations for elective positions in accordance with the MCMS Constitution and Bylaws.

Finance Committee
Advises the MCMS on all financial, personnel and audit issues.

Advocacy Committee
Determines support or opposition for targeted local, state and federal legislation and promotes greater involvement of the local medical
community in the political process.

Media & Public Relations Committee
Functions as a liaison between the media and the public, providing credible and accurate health information.

Medical/Legal Committee
Works with the legal community to foster better relations between the two professions.

Membership Committee
Promotes MCMS membership and encourages non-members to join.

Member Services Ad Hoc Committee
Develops and implements benefits and services for members.

Public Health Ad Hoc Committee
Directs Medical Society policies and programs regarding public health issues.

Scholarship Ad Hoc Committee
Reviews applications and disburses scholarship awards as merited.

Smith Arthritis Fund Committee
Reviews annual grant applications and disburses awards as merited.

Women Physicians Section Steering Committee
Plans yearly events of the Women Physicians Section, including fashion event to benefit the Clyde and Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter.

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